Operation Military Red

Monday, September 14, 2015 5:00 pm

Attention all Brothers of Theta Chi Fraternity:

In 2013, Theta Chi Fraternity began a new era of philanthropic initiative and growth by partnering with the United Service Organization. Our relationship with the USO has flourished and exemplified Theta Chi Fraternity’s military roots.

Theta Chi Fraternity, in partnership with the USO, is excited to announce our inaugural Operation Military Red!  Beginning in fall 2015, International Headquarters staff will track hours served and dollars raised from events held to benefit the USO. The winners will receive the first Operation Military Red Award and be recognized on the official Theta Chi USO Trophy at our 160th Anniversary Convention next summer in Atlanta.

As part of Operation Military Red, there are two separate awards that chapters can attempt to win: The USO Service Award and The USO Fundraising Award.

The USO Service Award 

This distinction will be awarded to the chapter that logs the most hours in support of the USO through events or volunteering. This includes efforts such as G.I. Theta Chi, Cheers for Troops, volunteering at your local USO Center, or hosting volunteer events to benefit the USO. In order to be considered for this award, you must log your chapter’s hours, and complete the award application form found here:


Hours Served Form


The USO Fundraising Award

This distinction will be awarded to the chapter that raises the most money for the USO. In order to be considered for this award, you must properly submit payments from your chapter’s fundraising events to the USO. All checks must be made out to United Service Organization in order to be considered for the competition. Checks must be mailed to the below address:



            c/o Kyndele Cooke

            2111 Wilson Blvd. Ste 1200

            Arlington, VA 22201

If there is any confusion, feel free to email Kyndele Cooke at kcooke@uso.org.

If you want your chapter’s fundraising efforts to benefit a local USO Center, the check must still be sent to the above address. Simply include a document indicating which local center the chapter would like to benefit, as well as all of the center’s contact information (address, e-mail, phone number). Any non-specified funds will go to the USO’s General Funding.

Chapters are more than welcome to utilize a fundraising website. Theta Chi Fraternity gives no preference to a particular fundraising site, however the USO is partnered with www.CrowdRise.com. No checks will need to be mailed if you use CrowdRise.com

In order to be considered for Operation Military Red’s USO Awards, it is critical that you follow the listed directions. For those who have already hosted events, and/or began raising money, please note that we will still be counting any money raised and all hours volunteered since July 1, 2015.

Here's a great resource to assist in all of your efforts - The USO Toolkit

It should be reiterated that your chapter’s dedication to Theta Chi Fraternity’s partnership with the USO plays an integral role in Alter Award applications. The expectation this year is for every chapter to raise at least $1,000 for the USO. However the hope is that the men of Theta Chi will meet and exceed this expectation.   The USO Awards competition will be officially concluded on June 1, 2016.

Since 1941, the USO has worked to serve our military at home and overseas. Although tours to military bases, featuring prominent entertainers, gives the USO more notoriety, the dollars raised primarily go to helping service members in all aspects of their lives. In other words, the USO extends the assisting hand to members of the armed forces. It is now our time to extend the assisting hand to the USO. 

Please contact Kris Taibl at 317-848-1856 or via e-mail at ktaibl@thetachi.org.

Good Luck!  The USO is counting on your support!