Theta Chi Recolonizes The Ohio State University

Posted by: Kris Taibl  | Monday, October 3, 2016

Theta Chi Recolonizes The Ohio State University

Carmel, IN – After over two decades without a chapter on campus, The Ohio State University has been recolonized. The September 24 ceremony had over 40 people in attendance, with 19 men receiving their Pledge Buttons. “In August 2016, about a week before move-in, I contacted Theta Chi with a list of ten names who were possibly interested in Theta Chi," Colony Vice President Max Maistros recalled. “I received a prompt email back from Field Executives Bob Eberling and PJ Ricketson, and we met the day after move-in. We went into the meeting skeptical, and came out completely sold. And from there we just got to work."

Field Executive PJ Ricketson presided over the ceremony held in The Ohio Union overlooking campus. Alumni from Beta Nu/Case Western, Eta Zeta/Edinboro, Alpha Tau/Ohio University, and Zeta Beta/Adrian were in attendance, as well as a number of friends and family members. The Associate Director of Sorority and Fraternity Life, Kate Butler, was also in attendance alongside the IFC President, Peter Mougey. "I am incredibly excited to see where this group heads in the future,” said Field Executive Bob Eberling. Ricketson and Eberling have been stationed at the University since the start of the fall semester, working towards the recolonization and eventual chartering. “Based off of the men we have recruited so far, I would not be surprised to see this group winning the Alter Award in a few short years.” Also in attendance from the International Headquarters was Director of Communications Kris Taibl, Associate Development Officer Jordan McGee, and Field Executives Will Maher and Nick Hoke.

The group is already heavily involved throughout the campus, and are confident that their rapid growth and commitment to excellence will only continue.

“It only took us a couple of weeks to double in size, and we will continue to grow,” said Colony President Kion Fallah. “Our colony will strive to be leaders in the community and on campus. I don’t think it will be long until we have Theta Chi represented in every aspect of campus life. We’re going to make a difference, that much I know for sure.”

Currently, the 19 men are involved in over 40 organizations across campus including Student Government, Ski Club, Mountaineering Club, Make-a-Wish, Club Hockey, and Baja Buckeyes (engineers that build off-road vehicles). A number of these men also serve as Orientation Leaders and RAs, sometimes being the first student that incoming freshmen meet.

The Colony Advisory Board includes Alan Copeland (Zeta Beta Adrian 1989), former field staffer Steve Putka (Eta Zeta/Edinboro 1988), David Lukens (Beta Nu/Case Western 2000), and Pete Hackman (Alpha Tau/Ohio University 1987).

“As a former Field Representative, I was simply amazed at how our Fraternity now shapes a group of young men to form a colony,” remarked Brother Putka.“Our staff and alumni volunteers are approaching this new colony with clear expectations for the group, careful selection of colony members, and deliberate strategy around growth and formation."

"After meeting the young men who now form this colony, I am very optimistic that this time-intensive approach to selection and leadership development will lead to an effective relaunch of the Alpha Lambda Chapter.” He went on to note the visible excitement exhibited by the colony members following the ceremony. “The young men were grinning ear-to-ear following the ceremony. Other interested men attended the ceremony and it was evident that they were looking forward to accepting the commitment to bring our Alpha Lambda Chapter back to The Ohio State.”

Following the recolonization, everyone met for food at Columbus Brewing Company, a local restaurant. It was there that Field Executive Bob Eberling thanked the attendees for their support and reminded the men that the recolonization was only the beginning.

Going forward the colony hopes to set the record for growing to 50 members, and once chartered be the fastest to get to 100. Maintaining quality through this growth, the men have also set remaining in the top 3 for GPA as a primary objective.

“On a personal level it's been great for me to reconnect with the fraternity especially at The Ohio State,” said Colony Advisor Alan Copeland. “I remember attending one of the first Chapter Leadership Conferences (now Theta Chi University) there many years ago. Brothers Eberling and Ricketson have gotten us off to a great start. Their energy and enthusiasm has been picked up by the members of the colony and I look forward to calling these young men brothers when the time comes.

Founded in 1856, Theta Chi Fraternity is a men’s collegiate fraternity with more than 180,000 initiated members and has established 235 chapters. Leadership development, personal development, and service to alma mater are fundamental to Theta Chi Fraternity’s mission.