Published: January 31, 2024

Editor’s Note: The following article features Tim Tinnin (Epsilon Phi/Central Missouri 1982) and Iota Mu Chapter. Tinnin, a recipient of the Fraternity’s Sidney Ann Gilpin Lewis Memorial Trophy, established the Red Slipper Warrior Project to support girls and women during their battle with cancer. Tinnin has received support from chapters in Missouri, including Iota Mu at the University of Missouri. This story originally appeared on KOMU and was reprinted with permission from Stephanie Southey, Digital Editor.

COLUMBIA, MO - The Red Slipper Warrior Project hosted a community launch event Tuesday at Theta Chi Fraternity to kick off a new working relationship with MU Health Care.

The Red Slipper Warrior Project creates packages for women going through cancer that includes a go-bag and sparkly slippers, while girls receive a stuffed bunny with a pair of slippers.

The nonprofit has already sent packages to 23 states, Canada and the United Kingdom, and will now launch the project on a wider scale at MU Health Care.

Dr. Tyler Severance said while cancer may take your hair, appetite and energy, if you have that pair of red slippers it can serve as a reminder to reinforce that you are still you.

Tinnin said his wife told him, "Shoes always love you."

"She said you could wake up looking like a train wreck but if you have a cute pair of shoes on it doesn't matter," Tinnin said. "And then she told me and I was like, 'oh my gosh it all makes sense now.'"

Tinnin said he had no idea this conversation would lead to the Red Slipper Warrior Project.

"Little did I know she would get sick and she would pass away but that little snippet of conversation would lead to this," he said.

Theta Chi Fraternity President Walker Piles (Iota Mu/Missouri 2024) said how great it was for the fraternity to come together to raise money for this cause.

"With the help of Kappa Kappa Gamma we raised a total of $13,000. This money will really help plant the seed to propel the cause forward," Piles said.

Lt. Gov. Mike Kehoe and First Lady Teresa Parson also attended Tuesday's event.

For more information take a listen at this additional interview with Tim Tinnin and Lieutenant Governor Mike Kehoe here.

The Red Slipper Warrior Project is a nonprofit founded by Tim Tinnin that focuses on instilling courage and confidence in women and girls fighting cancer with tools to reinforce their self-esteem and harness a Warrior spirit. You can read more about their mission here.