Sacred Purpose®

Our Sacred Purpose® Committing to One Another

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The Mission of Sacred Purpose is simple; to protect our brothers, and the broader campus community, by providing health and safety education.

Our collegians have more access to more new experiences than ever before; yet with such access, they also face a new set of challenges. Theta Chi seized an opportunity to help our members face those challenges head-on.

Sacred Purpose is centered on five different topics that affect today’s collegiate men:

  1. Alcohol and Other Drugs
  2. Fire and Life Safety
  3. Hazing Prevention
  4. Sexual Misconduct Prevention
  5. Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Awareness

At both international and local levels, we educate all our members about the importance of recognizing one who may be struggling—from properly starting a conversation to connecting them with the resources available on their campuses and in their communities. This effort could save a life.

By living out our Sacred Purpose, we are committing to one another. Whether it is assistance or protection, we will make sure that all our members are free to live out the best lives that they can.

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