Legacy Deuteron

Legacy Deuteron is the exclusive jeweler of Theta Chi Fraternity, producing the Badge of Theta Chi Fraternity, Pledge Button, President's Key, Sweetheart Pin, and a variety of additional intricate and detailed pieces. 

Legacy Deuteron


From Composites to Event Photography, Lumatic provides our chapters with a comprehensive solution to photographic needs to capture the memories of Greek organizations. 

Brooks Brothers

Sign up for the Brooks Brothers Corporate Membership Card and save 15% on regular price merchandise at Brooks Brothers U.S. and Canadian stores, by phone or online at Enroll online at or call 1-866-515-4747. You will be asked for your Organization ID and PIN, which can be found in myΘΧ under Announcements. To renew an existing Corporate Membership Card, click here.

Collegiate Regalia

Order your graduation cords from Collegiate Regalia. Call 888-748-8251 or shop online.