Board of Directors

The Fraternity’s Board of Directors is known as the Grand Chapter, and is Theta Chi’s supreme administrative, executive and judicial body. It is composed of eight alumnus volunteers. They are:

  • International President – Joseph S. Couch (Chi/Auburn 1996)
  • International Vice President – Tait J. Martin (Eta Omicron/Northwestern State 1997)
  • International Secretary – Douglas A. Miller (Zeta Beta/Adrian 1990)
  • International Treasurer – Chad R. Strelow (Theta Psi/Wisconsin-Oshkosh 1999)
  • International Marshal – Herbert W. Morgan, Jr. (Theta Iota/UC-Santa Cruz 1988)
  • International Counselor – Darick H. Brown (Eta Gamma/Morehead State 1989)
  • International Chaplain – Creig L. Andreasen (Alpha Pi/Minnesota 1990)
  • International Historian – Brad S. Burk (Delta Kappa/Ball State 1991)

The Grand Chapter was formed at the 52nd Anniversary Convention in 1908 and meets twice a year to discuss Fraternity business, set policy and evaluate overall strategy.

Board members serve four-year terms and may not serve more than two terms consecutively. Elections are held every two years as part of the International Convention.

The Foundation Board of Directors

The Foundation Chapter Board of Directors is responsible for setting the policy for the organization, monitoring the organization’s operations and serving as a public figure for the organization. The current board members are:

  • President- M. Lindsay Olsen (Delta Psi/Kansas 1983)
  • Vice President- David A. May (Zeta Sigma/Wisconsin-River Falls 1970)
  • Secretary- Mark Hillis (Gamma Rho/Florida State 1964)
  • Treasurer- Kirby V. Montgomery (Alpha Phi/Alabama 1975)
  • Director- Carlton F. Bennett (Zeta Pi/Old Dominion 1972)
  • Director- Dennis A. Cardoza (Alpha Psi/Maryland 1981)
  • Director- M. Walt Davis (Delta Upsilon/Arizona State 1965)
  • Director- Patrick T. O'Connor (Chi/Auburn 1978)
  • Director- Joshua J. Palleon, CFA (Theta Psi/Wisconsin-Oshkosh 1999)
  • Director- Bob L. Sasser (Gamma Rho/Florida State 1973)

Norwich Housing Corporation Board of Directors

The Norwich Housing Corporation Board consists of five Theta Chi alumnus volunteers. The term of office is five years, and members can be re-elected for a second consecutive five-year term. The Board of Directors is composed of:

  • President – Paul R. Norstrem (Alpha Pi/Minnesota 1986)
  • Vice President – James S. McEachern, III (Beta Psi/Presbyterian 1982)
  • Secretary – Joe L. Clack (Eta Sigma/Arkansas Tech 1980)
  • Treasurer – Dr. Wesley K. Wicker (Alpha Phi/Alabama 1979)
  • Counselor – Peter S. Mackey (Alpha Phi/Alabama 1978)