Alpha Mu

Iowa State University

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Installed: Dec. 22, 1922
Location: Ames, IA

Local Fast Facts:

Alpha Mu Chapter of Theta Chi at Iowa State University

Founding Date: December 22nd, 1922

Chapter house burned down in 1996

Thanks to generous alumni support, the chapter house was rebuilt in 1997

Location: 219 Ash Avenue, Ames, IA

Total Initiates: 1,300+

Our Chapter House is located at 219 Ash Ave, Ames, Iowa. Being built in 1997, our facility is the newest in all of Greekland at Iowa State. The house is a four floor building with a capacity of 40. Our chapter basement is a mostly open area where we have our weekly chapter meetings and is also home to our laundry room, computer lab, and storage rooms. The first floor of the house hosts our formal area, kitchen, dining area and library. Our house director’s apartment is located on first floor as well. The second and third floors of the house are where all the collegiate students reside.