Beta Chi

Allegheny College

Installed: Sept. 19, 1942
Location: Meadville, PA

The Beta Chi Chapter had its humble beginnings as the Allegheny Club, which was organized in 1919. Several years later, the club split into the local fraternities Phi Alpha Kappa and Beta Upsilon. Beta Upsilon was later absorbed into the Alpha Chapter of Delta Tau Delta Fraternity, while Phi Alpha Kappa was absorbed into the Xi Chapter of Beta Kappa Fraternity.

On April 19, 1942, Theta Chi Fraternity absorbed Beta Kappa Fraternity nationally, and on September 19, 1942, the Xi Chapter was formally installed as the Beta Chi Chapter of Theta Chi Fraternity at Allegheny College. Members of Theta Chi Fraternity's Beta Nu Chapter at Case Western Reserve University presided over the installation ceremony. This was fitting, since it was members of our Xi Chapter of Beta Kappa Fraternity who had first installed the Alpha Nu Chapter at Case Western Reserve on December 29, 1931.

There have been a number of high and low points over the last 73 years, but the chapter has endured great challenges such as the fire of 1991 and reorganization of 2000 to remain one of the oldest fraternities in continuous existence at Allegheny. This is largely do to the great care and support that our alumni provide to the undergraduate chapter. Beta Chi has also won the Alter Award twice in the last decade, which is the fraternity's highest honor for excellence in all aspects of chapter operations and brotherhood.

As of the Summer 2006, the chapter holds the highest GPA on campus and contributes more hours of community service than any other student organization at Allegheny College. This is a solid testament to our "helping hand" philosophy and motto "Alma Mater First, and Theta Chi for Alma Mater."