Claim Dispute Resolution

Effective January 1, 2019, all Theta Chi Fraternity pledges, existing Members, and future alumni making claims for personal injury, claims for damages to property, or disputes of any nature will be referred for resolution through the Theta Chi Fraternity Claims and Dispute Resolution Program. This means that after January 1, 2019, you and Theta Chi Fraternity will be bound to use the Claim and Dispute Resolution Program as the primary and sole means of dispute resolution. If you are unable to resolve a claim or dispute arising out of your membership or participation in any Theta Chi Fraternity-related activity, under the terms of the Program the claim or dispute will be submitted to binding arbitration instead of through the courts. If legal action is instituted, the court will be requested to refer the matter back to the Claim and Dispute Resolution Program for final resolution.

This program is binding on all Theta Chi Fraternity new Members/pledges, existing Members, future alumni, chapters, house corporations, foundations, alumni organizations, and the International Fraternity. Your decision to join or accept membership or continue your current membership in Theta Chi Fraternity after January 1, 2019, means that you have agreed to and are bound by the terms of this program as contained in the plan document and rules. A complete copy of the plan and rules can be found linked below, as well as in the Resource Center of myΘX, or by contacting the International Headquarters at 317-848-1856 /

This will be true both during your membership and after your membership should you terminate for any reason. Likewise, the terms of the Claim and Dispute Resolution Program are binding on Theta Chi Fraternity; the terms can only be modified by providing advance notice of the change to Members. While both you and Theta Chi Fraternity retain all substantive legal rights and remedies under this Program, you and Theta Chi Fraternity are both waiving all rights which either may have with regard to trial by jury for personal injury, property damage, contract or any other related matters in state or federal court. This Plan covers any legal or equitable claim for personal injury, property damage, equity or breach of contract, arising out of any tort, statute, contract or law.


Making this plan available to all Theta Chi Fraternity members and pledges is a part of our continuing commitment to create an environment where members are enabled to participate in constructive communication.

By implementing this plan at large, Theta Chi Fraternity joined the ranks of many other successful, diverse organizations that have developed similar programs. Our hope remains that few, if any, members will have the occasion to use this plan. But, should you have concerns with the Fraternity, with your chapter or fellow members, you will have access to an orderly, fair process that serves to resolve those concerns.