Published: November 13, 2019

Esports’ Everyman

Iota Sigma/Towson Charter Member Jack Dunlop (2016), known in the esports world as CouRage, began creating content for the internet while still a collegiate member. Through internships and several chance opportunities, he has gained thousands of followers, become a respected esports commentator, and established his own brand. YouTube Channel theScore esports produced this bio on Brother Dunlop and his rise in esports. (Warning: This video contains occasional strong language and scatological humor.)

Sometimes, amidst the money on the line and the skill on display -- it’s easy to forget that games are supposed to fun. In this world we often look up to the greatest aimers, the flashiest players and the most prolific superstars. But this story, is an exception to that rule. This story is about a guy, who is just like you and me. He’s willed himself, through sheer passion to the top of the gaming world. His name is CouRage. And this is his story.

Edited by: Brian Van Huynh
Written by: Keith Capstick
Narrated by: Colin McNeil