About the Foundation
“In our fraternity I always remembered the Helping Hand as a key component of our fraternal code.”~Bob Sasser
Gamma Rho/Florida State 1973
CEO, Dollar Tree Inc.

The Helping Hand is the vision of this brotherhood, embodied through your support of The Foundation Chapter of Theta Chi. The Foundation Chapter serves to develop and provide financial resources to promote the academic, leadership, and service ideals of Theta Chi Fraternity.

We have all benefited from the friendships and opportunities afforded us through Theta Chi, which otherwise we would not have experienced. The traditions and ideals of our beloved Fraternity have shaped us into the men we are today.

The Helping Hand of our fraternal forefathers guides us through everyday life. We can easily forget the countless generations of brothers who gave their time, talent, and treasure--laboring for the welfare of Theta Chi. We too must pave the way for our future brothers through financial support of The Foundation Chapter of Theta Chi.

Your tax-deductible gift allows us to further the education of our collegiate brothers by providing low and no-cost leadership education and academic scholarships. After graduation, there are few times in your life where you receive any formal leadership training. We should be proud as men of Theta Chi for we are providing the only leadership education many of these young men will ever receive in their lifetime.

Seeing a need to enhance the leadership education of our Chapter Presidents—our top, chapter-level executives--we recently completed the $1.5M Cornerstone Capital Campaign to endow our Sasser Presidents Conference. For over 20 years the Presidents Conference molded and guided the leaders of Theta Chi. With the completion of the Cornerstone Campaign, no Chapter President will ever be financially burdened to attend this amazing leadership opportunity.

The Cornerstone Campaign is just the beginning of new and exciting ways The Foundation Chapter is “Leading Theta Chi Forward.”

Through the charitable giving of alumni, undergraduates, parents, and friends, The Foundation Chapter impacts the lives of our Brothers in Theta Chi Fraternity.