Published: April 10, 2024

Dear Brothers,

Today is Founders Day and our 168th Anniversary! It’s an occasion to reflect on the rich tapestry of our Fraternity’s history and the promising path that lies ahead. I recently had the opportunity to attend two milestone anniversaries: the 115th for Epsilon Chapter at Worcester Polytechnic Institute and the centennial of my own Alpha Pi Chapter at University of Minnesota. During both celebrations, I was reminded of the invaluable lessons we learned as collegiate brothers and was heartened to witness the enduring bonds of our brotherhood. These anniversaries, much like Founders Day, serve not only as markers of our achievements but also as beacons guiding us toward a future of continued growth and excellence.

As we celebrate Founders Day, take a moment to think about the lifelong friends you’ve made. Please also remember what you learned–whether that was leading others, planning an event, or just learning to get along with someone who had a different perspective. What can you do to pass on the same lessons to our newest brothers? Let’s commit ourselves to fostering a culture of mentorship and inclusion, empowering our collegiate bothers to become better brothers, better husbands, better fathers, indeed–better men. Resolute Men. What can you do to lend a Helping Hand?

I urge each of you to heed the call put forth by Chief Development Officer John Berghoff for the 2024 Founders Day Chapter Challenge. Whether through volunteering your time, sharing your expertise, or contributing to our Excellence Fund, your contributions will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on our Fraternity’s legacy. As we raise our glasses in celebration today, let us also raise our aspirations for the future. Together, let’s reaffirm our commitment to excellence, unity, and the enduring ideals that define Theta Chi. Here’s to another year of brotherhood, growth, and endless possibilities.

Yours in Brotherhood,

Creig Andreasen
International President