Assistant Director of Chapter Development Visit Preparation

Preparing for a visit from an Assistant Director of Chapter Development

Assistant Directors of Chapter Development travel on behalf of the International Headquarters to help chapters and colonies discover their strengths, confront problems, and facilitate change.

Advanced preparation is just one of the keys to a successful visit from an Assistant Director. Please ensure that your chapter is adequately prepared prior to the arrival of the Assistant Director.

Contacting your Consultant

It might be helpful for your planning to contact the Assistant Director prior to his arrival. If you know who your Field Executive will be, you can reach him via the Staff Directory. For other questions, contact the International Headquarters.

Getting the most out of the Assistant Director of Chapter Development's visit

Assistant Directors can be a valuable resource for a chapter if utilized correctly. Since an Assistant Director's visit only lasts a couple of days, your chapter should make sure it is prepared well ahead of time to get the most out of the visit. Below are some basic guidelines to follow:


Greet the Assistant Director when he arrives. Help him unload his car, show him where he'll be staying, and help him get acquainted with the area.

Show him around

Give the Assistant Director a tour of the house and of your campus. In a sense, this will be his home for a few days, so help him feel comfortable in his new surroundings. Make sure he knows when and where members are eating lunch and dinner. He is always willing to try out a great local restaurant.


Make sure the Field Executive has a bed, clean sheets, and towels. Also, make sure he has access to a reliable internet connection and access to a washer/dryer.

The schedule

Be prepared for the Assistant Director’s visit by having all the officer surveys, appointment schedule, and officer roster completed and ready for him when he arrives.


Remind the chapter members they need to be present at the group meetings and other meetings they have signed up for. The Field Executive will want to meet with the officers, new members, chapter adviser(s), Greek adviser(s), and possibly others. These meetings help the Assistant Director better understand the nature of your chapter and campus. If you are expected to attend a meeting, be on time and encourage your chapter brothers to do the same.

Be open and candid

Be as open and candid with the Assistant Director as he is with the members of the chapter. The Assistant Director is a brother and there to help, but can only be as helpful as you allow him to be.


The Assistant Director is a brother and a guest of your chapter. Please treat him as you would want to be treated—with respect and consideration.

Follow up

The Assistant Director will give officers and members a number of ideas. Listen to these suggestions and try to implement them into your chapter. If you need additional help or guidance, don't hesitate to contact the Assistant Director after he leaves.