Posted by:Wes Wicker | Published: April 25, 2019

In Memoriam: George Brown (Delta Beta/Georgia 1952)

Brother Brown served as Treasurer of the Delta Beta Alumni of Theta Chi, Inc. House Corporation for 50 years!

Our condolences to Brother Robert Brown (Delta Beta/Georgia 1950) on the loss of his brother George Brown (Delta Beta/Georgia 1952). Robert Brown is Roster Number 1 and served as the first president of Delta Beta Chapter. Younger brother George joined the fraternity prior to the chapter's installation and become Roster Number 19 in 1949 when the chapter was chartered. George passed away last week, after a long battle with congestive heart failure.

Funeral services will be held at the First Presbyterian Church in Marietta at 11 a.m. on May 6th. All fraternity brothers are encouraged to attend. George's full biography and details on the services are provided below.

Robert Brown expressed his thanks to the fraternity for all the relationships that George enjoyed over the decades.

"George was as loyal a Theta Chi as there ever has been," commented Brother Robert. "He had Theta Chi tattooed on his chest, because it was in his heart."

Robert and George both have been supportive of the campaign to renovate the house. George told me that it was an honor to have the Library named after him at the Chapter's 40th Anniversary, but when we named the Foundation after him, he said he didn't have much choice to support it!

The George Brown Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, duly recognized by the IRS as a "Historic Preservation, Restoration, and Scholastic non-profit foundation to support our historic chapter house at 645 S. Milledge Avenue.

Scores of fraternity brothers remember trekking to George's accounting office in Atlanta to review the finances, and hold house corporation meetings. "George was the financial authority for the chapter and the house corporation. He once told me that it was an easy job to hold in the early days, because there wasn't much money to count!"

When the chapter purchased the house at 645 S. Milledge, and the chapter grew dramatically in the 1960s, the accounting became more complex. George persevered. He served as the Alumni treasurer from 1955 until a heart attack sidelined him from life-long hobby of 50 years. He never lost interest in the fraternity. We continued to have lunch a couple of times a year in Marietta, and he enjoyed hearing about the chapter's continued growth and success.

From L-R: Wes Wicker (Alpha Phi/Alabama 1979), Robert Brown (Delta Beta/Georgia 1950), Keith Newberry (Delta Beta/Georgia 1999), and George Brown (Delta Beta/Georgia 1952).