Published: June 2, 2020

International President Tait Martin Shares Message

On June 1, 2020, International President Tait J. Martin, Ph.D. shared the following on behalf of our Fraternity:

“I want to be perfectly clear on our Fraternity’s ideals and beliefs: We stand against racism and violence. We are for sturdy manhood, Resolute Men, and our Sacred Purpose. We are for promoting knowledge, advancing culture, and building character. We are for True Friendship. We are for Truth, Temperance, and Tolerance. We are for extolling virtue, exacting harmony, and extending a Helping Hand to all who seek it. We are for the primacy of Alma Mater, the usefulness of our Fraternity, and our influence and accomplishments. We are for doing all in our power to perpetuate the ideals of our Fraternity. We are for serving God, country, and fellow man. That’s what we are for. And that is what we will continue to be for. It takes Resolute Men to live out (and not just recite) the words of our Creed.”