Published: December 29, 2023

Matt Brown (2013), Garrett Mueller (2013), Thomas Senseman (2013), Adam Flesner (2013), Robb Rosinski (2013), and Adam Stehlin (2014) all connected during their time as collegiate brothers at Iota Beta/Missouri State. They currently continue experiencing the Theta Chi brotherhood with the Books Brothers Podcast. 

On Friday, December 22, Books Brothers Podcast released a special episode after collaborating with headquarters staff where they discussed the origins of the podcast, reminisced on what their collegiate experience was like, and how other Theta Chis can get involved with the podcast.

  • What is the focus of the podcast? (1:20 - 4:49)

"The podcast first and foremost is focused on us as a group communicating more, maintaining these relationships that we forged in college and before, and if we can share that with the world, hopefully the stuff that we learn in the process of a having a bookclub can rub off on others."

  • What was the fraternity like during the time we were active members in college? (4:50 - 10:12)

"So we were a fairly small chapter on campus as far as active members goes until around the time we got involved. Throughout our four years we were able to see us go from maybe a fraternity that was still kind of blooming to a real dominating force on campus in a lot of different ways whether that was in academic, athletics and recruitment. So I feel like we were in it at a really exciting time."

  • What leadership positions did we hold in the fraternity? (10:13 - 11:02)
  • What were some of the most valuable lessons from our collegiate experience that has made us into the men we are today? (11:03 - 18:40)

"As you progress in your experience at Theta Chi, each year you learn different things. But starting out time management was definitely something that I was forced to learn. Obviously it’s way more fun to go hang out with your brothers, play sports, or hang at the house than it is to go to a whole bunch of school stuff and I feel like that was a good learning experience for me and it forced me to watch other older brothers, and figure out how to correctly prioritize things and make goals. Overall, just being a part of the Fraternity it was like you were in a bubble of positive reinforcement towards the correct actions and goals rather than being on your own and having that autonomy without a whole lot of really good positive guard rails on either side of you." 

  • What is the next book we’ll be reading and discussing? (18:41 - 23:25)
  • How can other fraternity brothers find this podcast and lend us their support? (23:26 - 25:40)

You can find Books Brothers Podcast on both Apple and Spotify, their Instagram, or you can reach them directly at