Published: September 21, 2020

National Hazing Prevention Week 2020
Day 1 - Hazing Defined

September 21-25, 2020, is National Hazing Prevention Week. Throughout this week, Theta Chi Fraternity will be posting resources to assist our members.

Membership in Theta Chi Fraternity requires us to uphold and live by the ideals and principles of Theta Chi as described in the Fraternity’s Ritual, The Creed, The Constitution and Bylaws of Theta Chi Fraternity, Inc., and the Safety Standards Manual.

Theta Chi Fraternity will not tolerate any hazing-related activity which demeans, embarrasses, threatens, frightens, implies one member is superior to another or that initiation must be earned through personal services or meaningless activities for initiated members.

From The Constitution and Bylaws of Theta Chi Fraternity, Inc.:

Article V, Section 11
The Fraternity prohibits all physical hazing, paddling, uncalled-for humiliation, and public display in connection with Pledge education and pre-initiatory activities and subscribes to the North-American Interfraternity Conference resolutions which condemn all forms of hazing in connection with Pledge education and pre-initiatory activities. The active chapters shall carry out the Fraternity’s policy and conform to this policy, not only to avoid the danger of bringing discredit to the Fraternity and injuring members, Pledges, and the entire fraternity cause, but also to build higher respect for the chapters and the Fraternity in the minds of Pledges and to instill loyalty. The Fraternity prohibits all forms of public initiation, and pre-initiatory and initiation activities shall not be permitted to interfere in any way with the scholastic obligations or class attendance of those involved.

Theta Chi has created its own anti-hazing hotline. If you are being hazed or are aware of others being hazed, call our anti-hazing hotline at 1-855-824-4840.

We invite you to take the pledge to prevent hazing:

The Hazing Prevention Pledge

I pledge to prevent hazing before it occurs, stop hazing when I see it happening, report it when I know it has transpired, and help empower others to do the same in their organizations, schools and communities.

I join others to:

  • Recognize the harm that hazing can cause both physically and psychologically;
  • Condemn the act of hazing on all levels;
  • Admonish those who haze and those who enable hazing through their silence, and;
  • Be an advocate for the prevention of hazing