Published: August 27, 2020

Theta Chi at University of Arkansas Wins

North American Interfraternity Conference Award

The following article was published on August 25, 2020, via the University of Arkansas News ( It was reprinted with permission from Charlie Alison, Executive Editor of the Office of University Relations for the University of Arkansas. The article highlights our Kappa Zeta/Arkansas Chapter.

The Kappa Zeta Chapter of Theta Chi, a Greek fraternity here at the University of Arkansas, has received the North American Interfraternity Council's Chapter Award of Distinction. The council announced the award in mid July, and a ceremony congratulating the men of Theta Chi will be held later this fall. This is another of multiple awards the Kappa Zeta chapter has been awarded this year. 

The North American Interfraternity Council's Chapter Award of Distinction recognizes a handful of exceptional fraternity collegiate chapters each year. These chapters demonstrate excellence in operations, involvement in their fraternity/sorority and campus community, and a commitment to a positive fraternity experience. The University of Arkansas' Theta Chi chapter is 1 of 6 chapters internationally who were honored with this distinction. Nominations for this award are made by any interfraternal organization related group/partner interested in submitting a qualified candidate for recognition. These honors play a significant role in advancement of the NIC mission and vision, as well as the industry as a whole.

The council recognized the Kappa Zeta chapter with the following excerpt:

"This chapter is a vocal advocate and leader for the movement on the University of Arkansas campus in addressing issues surrounding alcohol, drugs, sexual assault and hazing across the fraternity/sorority community, not just inside their own organization. They show their commitment to doing good through enthusiastic service, campus engagement and leadership in a variety of student organizations and initiatives. The chapter has the highest fraternity grade-point average on campus with a 3.33. In an impressive accomplishment for a newer group, the Kappa Zeta Chapter earned Theta Chi's top chapter honor, while also displaying forward momentum toward more success." 

This and the rest of the honorees can be found on the NIC's website.

The Arkansas chapter was first colonized in December of 2016, and the group of men quickly grew into a prominent face in the community after chartering on Nov. 11, 2017, less than a year after colonization. The unprecedented growth was then followed by the brothers' excellence and determination leading to the chapter's first Alter Award in the summer of 2019 being awarded to one of the youngest chapters ever. The chapter then went on to win their second Alter Award in 2020. The Kappa Zeta chapter has and strives to continue to focus on academic excellence, leadership, recruitment, their sacred purpose, and offering an assisting hand to those in need in their community.

The brothers of Theta Chi at the University are dedicated to reach this same tier of excellence year in and year out. Even with the ever-changing environment we live in today, this group seeks to hold itself to the highest of standards and has already begun working towards their goals for the upcoming year. They are always looking for impressive and qualified men to join their chapter, so if you or someone you know is interested in being a part of excellence, they are encouraged to reach out to President Jake Carter at

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